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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Using cronic to reduce "cram" (cron spam)

I'm working on reducing the about of email I'm getting from my cron jobs. One thing I stumbled across is cronic. I used it as following to quiet my cron jobs.

First, to install it:
# wget -O /usr/local/bin/cronic
# chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/cronic
Now to use it, edit your cron scripts to use cronic as a wrapper. Before:
# cat /etc/cron.daily/backup-web-server
/usr/local/bin/ /etc/backup-web-server.conf
And after:
# vi /etc/cron.daily/backup-webserver
# cat /etc/cron.daily/backup-web-server
/usr/local/bin/cronic /usr/local/bin/ /etc/backup-web-server.conf
That's it. Now unless your cron job either has output to stderr or returns non-zero, it will produce no output.
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