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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Upgrading from 7.04 to 8.04

Following directions at:

Start with upgrade to 7.10:

That worked flawlessly. Then I basically repeated that step, running the Update Manager again, to upgrade to 8.04.

This time, it didn't go so well. The update froze at

Generating locales...

Fortunately, this thread on the Ubuntu forums shorted things out for me.

So now things seems to be up and running for the most part...

One thing that is obviously broken is the remote control - aka LIRC. No surprise, it breaks every time the wind blows I'm sorry to say.

I reinstalled LIRC per directions here. Except, my lirc device was /dev/lirc/0 instead of /dev/lirc0. This effected some of the testing and also meant I had to change /etc/lirc/hardware.conf:


Then a reboot (always seems necessary with lirc) and that seems to be working.

Ok, Apache doesn't seem to be running. But I think it's time to look into a VMWare appliance...
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