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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Installing VMServer 2.0.1

Having just upgraded to 9.04, it seemed like a good time to catch up on my VMWare server upgrades, since I was still on 1.0.7, which is getting a little old.

I started by trying to upgrade to 1.0.9, but I could not get the vmmon module to build...

So, I shifted gears and tried installing 2.0.1 following the directions at VMWare Server 2.01 on Ubuntu 9.04.

I downloaded the 2.0.1 tarball and tried installing it following those directions.
$tar xvfz ~/Downloads/VMware-server-2.0.1-156745.i386.tar.gz
$cd vmware-server-distrib/
$patch ./bin/ ~/Downloads/
$sudo ./
I took the default answers except for the following:
Your computer has multiple ethernet network interfaces available: eth0, pan0,
wlan0. Which one do you want to bridge to vmnet0? [eth0] wlan0

The current administrative user for VMware Server is ''. Would you like to
specify a different administrator? [no] yes
Please specify the user whom you wish to be the VMware Server administrator
I actually goofed typing in my serial number, but looks like my existing VMServer 1.0 license worked.
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