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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Connect to Server and Bookmarks

In case you haven't discovered Ubuntu's "Connect to Server" feature you should. If you are administering, or even accessing multiple systems, it's a big help. Basically you can make any remote host you have ssh access to appear as a Nautilus (i.e. file browser) folder on your local system.

Under "Places" click on "Connect to Server". For "Service type" select "SSH". Under Server put in the remote hostname. You can probably leave Port and Folder empty. If your User Name differs on the remote system, put that in under "User Name". If you want to save it as a Bookmark for easy future connections, click "Add Bookmark" and give it a name.

Click connect. If you are running SSH-Agent and have your keys set up appropriately, you'll need to enter nothing further, you should just get a open window showing the filesystem on the remote machine. Otherwise you'll be prompted for a password.

BTW, you can access and edit your bookmarks on any open Nautilus window under the Bookmarks menu.
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