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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Adding more space for MythTV

I noticed that my mythtv data directory was almost full:
# df | grep data
/dev/sda6 190957912 176125932 5208248 98% /mnt/data

Since I had 256GB of disk I wasn't using, I decided to add that as a second data directory for MythTV. So I mounted this partition as /mnt/data2 and then created /mnt/data2/mythtv

I then made sure mythtv owned the new directory:
# chown mythtv:mythtv /mnt/data2/mythtv

Then I added this directory to the default MythTV storage group, which was the usual MythTV menu hell:

  1. Select "Utilities/Setup"

  2. Select "Setup"

  3. Select "MythBuntu" and enter root password when prompted

  4. Select "MythTV Configuration"

  5. Select "Launch MythTV Setup"

  6. Select "Storage Directories"

  7. Select "Default"

  8. Select "Add New Directory"

  9. Enter the name of the new directory (e.g. "/mnt/data2/mythtv")

  10. Hit Escape 3 times to start exiting out

  11. At this point I was presented with a warning that *none* of my mythtv data directories were writable. After double checking that I entered it right and that the directories were actually writable by themythtv user, I selected "No, I know what I'm doing"
  12. Continue to exit out of menus by selecting "OK"

  13. I canceled running mythfilldatabase

  14. At this point things seemed to hang for 20-30 seconds with me just starting at a blank MythTV background. I think you just wait it out. I hit escape a couple times, but don't know that actually did anything.

  15. Select "Quit"

  16. Hit Escape until you get back to the top-level MythTV menu and then select "Information Center"

  17. Select "System Status"

  18. Under "Machine" you should now see the second directory listed.

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