My ongoing experiences with Ubuntu, and later Mythbuntu, as a media center with MythTV. I'm also using the system for a virtual machine server, a mediawiki server and a general all around home infrastructure base.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More memory and another hard disk...

Running the VMs, I was concerned about memory, being that the system only had a GB, which doesn't got far with VMs running. Looking in the system I saw it had two free slots, so I found 2 GB cheap and intstalled them and all looked good after booting:

$ dmesg | grep Memory
[ 19.312226] Memory: 3041212k/3079040k available (2177k kernel code, 36516k reserved, 1006k data, 368k init, 2161536k highmem)

I also installed another hard drive. I had already filled to the two bays at the bottom front (the original drive plus one more), but I found that a third drive could be put into an open bay under the CD-rom drive. I don't see any way of nicely adding a fourth though...
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