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Friday, January 2, 2009

My Mythbuntu box hung and host clock rate change requests again...

I went to remotely log into my mythbuntu box today and found it was hung....

A quick power cycle and it came back up, now to poke around the log and figure out why...

Last message in kern.log and syslog wasn't very useful:
Dec 31 13:14:54 casey kernel: [2612801.476210] [3224]: host clock rate change request 36 -> 26

Hmmm, besides the fact my log files are filled with host clock rate change requests, which I've seen before, no clue as to why the system was hung.

Anyway, to fix the host clock rate change message, I checked /etc/vmware/config and yep, "host.useFastClock = FALSE" was missing. So I re-added it and restarted vmware ('/etc/init.d/vmware restart').

I still have no idea what caused the box to hang though.
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