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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Uninstalling VMWare 2.0.1, installing VMWare 1.0.9 on Ubuntu 9.0.4

I had previously installed VMWare 2.0.1 and I hate it. I'm probably going to move to VirtualBox, but I need VMWare for a while until I transition, so I decided to take another run at getting VMWare 1.0.9 to install.

First, to uninstall VMWare 2.0.1:
# /usr/bin/
Then I downloaded VMWare 1.0.9 from the VMWare website.

Previously I had run into this bug which caused the vmmon build to fail.

The trick to getting it to build is to use this patch following the directions from this tutorial, which worked for me despite it being for an older version.

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